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Fertility Focus is a specialist fertility service, providing personalised help for couples wishing to get pregnant quickly or experiencing delays in getting pregnant due to subfertility issues.  

Our clinic is based in Tauranga, New Zealand but the service is also open to clients throughout New Zealand, Australia and beyond, through consultations by Skype.


  • Fertility Awareness helps you get pregnant faster81% of couples will get pregnant within 6 cycles* 
  • Identify potential fertility problems EARLY, so that you don’t waste precious time! 
  • Maximise your chances of getting pregnant with low sperm count, PCOS and other subfertility issues 
  • Learn how to boost your fertility with diet and lifestyle 
  • Caring, personalized support


Whether you are trying to get pregnant now, or planning a pregnancy for the future, we are here to help.

If you are trying to get pregnant, Fertility Focus is an essential step in your quest to have a baby. You will gain crucial information about your fertility and be able to maximise your chances of conceiving every cycle. Fertility Awareness will help you regain a sense of control, reduce stress levels and enable you to become an active partner in any investigation or treatment you have, should you need it.
Trying to get pregnant
‘Guess what! Took a test and I am pregnant!!!  Holy moly can’t quite believe it.  Just want to say a huge thank you to you for your advice and understanding.  I should have found you sooner!  Thanks again so much!’
Crystal, Whakatane
The thought of IVF fills me with dread, so it’s really great to have an alternative option to try before heading down that route!  Thanks for your help so far.  We’re feeling much more positive now!’
DP and SP, AucklandWe just wanted to say a big thank-you for all the information that you provided for us during our Skype consultation. We were relieved to discover that you were genuine, knowledgeable and not one of the many ‘scams’ that we have come across during our journey.  We both definitely recommend your service to anyone who is experiencing fertility problems.  Thanks once again.’
B.C & S.M, Sydney, AustraliaYour ongoing assessments gave us great support which enabled us to keep trying for the successful outcome of our pregnancy. We are due in 5 weeks now and couldn’t be happier that it’s happened the natural way!’
Ange & Shaun, Tauranga
‘Well, I couldn’t take it any longer… I did a pregnancy test tonight and it was positive!!  We are just blown away that we conceived so quickly! Knowledge is definitely power!  Thanks again for all your wisdom!’
Nerissa & Mike, Tauranga
‘We have learned a lot from you. I don’t think people have the kind of knowledge that we have now.. thanks to you.  :) Would recommend – you must write a book!’
A & P, Auckland

Our goal at Fertility Focus is to provide you with an intimate knowledge of your own fertility and reproductive health, so that you can take the reigns and take charge of your fertility.  

 Knowledge is Power

* This statistic comes from a scientific study where 346 women used Fertility Awareness to help them conceive: Gnoth C, Godehardt D, Godehardt E, Frank-Herrmann P and Freundl G.  Time to pregnancy: results of the German prospective study and impact on the management of infertility. Human Reproduction 2003;18(9): 1959-1966

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